Section 8 houses for rent in Corning, Arkansas

Corning Therapy & Living Center

  • 831 North Missouri Avenue, Corning, Arkansas 72422
  • (870) 857-3100
Eddie Nelson

Eddie Nelson


This home took very good care of my wife Mary Nelson They were very attentive to her needs and condition she had Alzheimers and steadily went downhill They gave her all the love that she needed and she was satisfied with all the employees there Sadly she passed away after a year there and they were as sad as I was when it happened Five stars to them

Brad HDC

  • 1600 Success Street, Corning, Arkansas 72422
  • (870) 857-6652
Dianna Richardson

Dianna Richardson


Limited parking

Pinewood Limited Partnership

  • 308 Washington, Corning, Arkansas 72422
  • (870) 857-0053
Marshe Butts

Marshe Butts


We cant get our grass mowed cause they wont pay for it being mowed so we have tall grass I bet their grass is mowed at their homes but wont take care of the residents at pinewood I