Section 8 houses for rent in Riverdale, Illinois

14305 S Halsted St

  • 14305 South Halsted Street, Riverdale, Illinois 60827

724 W 138th St #3

  • 724 West 138th Street, Riverdale, Illinois 60827

1824 W 127th St

  • 1824 West 127th Street, Riverdale, Illinois 60827

Riverdale Manor Apartments

  • 14422 South Indiana Avenue, Riverdale, Illinois 60827
  • (815) 933-2554
Donevette Evans

Donevette Evans


This building needs work inside the owners dont take care of this building Why People are Lieing about the cleanliness of this building is a lie Also we were just told on June 14th 2019 that this building is in the process of being sold we really dont have any proof Right now we have Tenants running the Office and the Building