Section 8 houses for rent in Bronson, Michigan

Bronson Housing Commission

  • 318 South Ruggles Street, Bronson, Michigan 49028
  • (517) 369-6265
Shanda Johnston

Shanda Johnston



Bronson Senior Apartments

  • 435 Wayne Street, Bronson, Michigan 49028
  • (517) 369-1306

Fieldcrest Apartments

  • Wayne St Wayne Street, Bronson, Michigan 49028
  • (517) 369-7184
Kari Seitz

Kari Seitz


The only good thing is to get good maintenance now apartments are sthe manager is not nice once you get to know her they mess up paperwork we have to rewrite every time parking apartment buildings when you move in the stuffs not brand new like I say and my list goes on