Section 8 houses for rent in Olivebranch, Mississippi

Crestview Apartments

  • 8656 Crestview Circle, Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654
  • (662) 895-6008



They do not answer the phone or doornThe door clearly has a sign stating that first and third Mondays are when applications are accepted and no one is coming to the door nor answering the phone Im very Disappointed

Sandidge Hill Apartment Office

  • 7830 West Sandidge Road, Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654
  • (662) 895-3118
Ranesha Akins

Ranesha Akins


Never was any maintenance problems with my unit Kept very clean and quiet outside the building and never heard much noise with tenants above me Very lenient

Rolling Hills Apartments

  • 10250 Goodman Road, Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654
  • (662) 895-3148
Randall Parkins

Randall Parkins


They need to do something about the bedbug infestation my grandma lives there and you can see them coming out of the wall sockets